THimble homes partners with the yamhill Carlton high school


In 2017 Thimble homes was called upon and tasked with assisting the manufacturing program at Yamhill Carlton High school (YC) in coming up with a Tiny house program that would allow the students to touch on as many aspects of the construction industry as possible. After an initial meeting Thimble was able to create a proposal that helped the school realize its goal of building a tiny home. With the assistance of Thimble Homes CEO Luke Nodine, Fieken Plumbings Tim Fieken and YC High school Manufacturing instructor Trevor DaSilva, Multiple groups of students worked hands on for two years and constructed a 20' foot long tiny home. This tiny home is now for sale and will help to fund the next tiny home build for the 2019-2020 school year.

The tiny home is wood frame construction on a 20' Trailer made custom trailer complete with full bathroom, Kitchen and sleeping loft.

Reach out to Thimble homes if you are interested in a similar program for your local high school.


From the Teacher and Students

“Yamhill-Carlton chose a tiny home because we did not have the funds or the resources to build a stationary home. In addition, to that we have had a construction class for the last 3 years and as a natural progression we wanted to build a house. Tiny homes are something I have always found interesting but had never built one. We wrote a revitalization grant to fund the material purchase of this house. We could not do this without the help of Luke Nodine and Thimble homes”

- Trevor da Silva, Manufacturing Teacher - Yamhill Carlton Highschool

“To some it might just seem that Thimble Homes only helped the YCHS program by supplying us with the materials we needed to build our first tiny home, but to us we know they did so much more. Luke came on a regular basis to teach us by trial and error the practice of electrical wiring. And as one of the electrical team I know we needed the help. It is important for people to come out and tell us what we are doing wrong in order for us to succeed and learn how to build a house the correct way. But Luke and the rest of the Thimble Homes crew has not just taught us how to manufacture a house, but have taught us humility and how to work in a team. Thank you Thimble Homes for supporting YCHS.”

-Gretchen Sims

“Building the tiny house was a fun experience for me because I have fun building things. I got some experience and learned some useful ideas. The tiny house build was fun because I worked with my friends to get this done. There was a lot of learning experience and practice doing this and it helps me out because then it opens up career opportunities for me. I could learn plumbing, carpentry or electrical. I want to take one of these career paths in my future and this helps me figure out what I want to do. Thimble homes has helped with supplies and expertise when we needed help.They went above and beyond what I was expecting a business partner to do.”

-Cody Martin

“Thimble homes had helped us buy a huge amount of the materials we used to build this tiny home,it took a lot of hard work to make it what it is, we never skipped a single step. This tiny home was a pretty big part of my high school career and it was awesome watching it come together. This tiny house had brought a lot of good memories and we had built it with hard work and hard work alone. And Thank you to the people that had helped build it, that goes for my fellow classmates but especially to Luke and Tim from Thimble Homes. They were a huge inspiration to me and my classmates and I thank them for all the memories I now have.”

-Colby Brault